Can you  believe it?  After all that hissing from the president and the democrats, and all the fear tactics about a government shutdown, the Senate tables yet another bill passed to them from the House.  I believe that’s three now.

Leaves me just shaking my head.  But I should not be surprised,  Harry Reid said it will not pass, it will not pass, it will not pass.  DEMOCRAT OBSTRUCTIONISTS.  Makes no sense to me.  All that work for nothing.  If I were Boehner damed if I wouldn’t just close down shop and go home.  I wish they had dallied around and then tossed it to the Senate at the very last minute because that’s what is going to happen to them.

That’s what I heard was going to happen.  Vile demoraats led by vile Harry Reid are just playing games with people’s lives.  About 75% of the American people are onto them.

Posted:  07.29.11 @ 8:30 p.m.


P.S.:  If they really wanted to end the crisis, the Senate could have voted yes to Boehner’s bill last night, sent it to the president’s desk and he could have signed it this morning.  Yet Obama is still yammering about it today.


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  1. bellalu0

    Good Lord, Reid, Schumer, and Durbin. What a pitiful display.

  2. bellalu0

    The stench in that room must be overpowering.

  3. Anonymous

    Wish I had some rotten tomatoes. I’d throw them at my own tv. Schumer bobs his head up and down like a toy woodpecker dipping his beak in a glass of water.

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