The Casey lies flow like a river

Amazing liar.  One lie after another.  If caught in a lie, she quickly makes up another one.  No Conscience.  Psychopath.  If her defense is built on a story she tells and there is no hard evidence, she can just forget about anybody believing her.  I guess that’s the price that is finally paid, even if a truth slips out, nobody will believe it.

I do find it hard to believe that her family did not know she was a serial liar.  Cindy testified that she believed Casey because she had never given her any reason to disbelieve her.  I don’t believe that.  They were probably all co-dependant, covering for Casey on the one hand and accusing her on the other.  The only thing I see that Cindy did wrong was that she didn’t take the child from Casey instead of threatening to take her.  She might be alive today.

Some of her friends and boyfriends testified that there was a bond and love between Casey and Caylee, and this was supposed to indicate that Casey was a good mother.  To the contrary, I think that is against her.  It only makes it agonizingly sad to think how much a child depends on the care of a mother, and how horrifying the betrayal when the care turns to harm.

Posted:  06.02.11 @ 9:46 p.m.


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17 responses to “The Casey lies flow like a river

  1. michellefrommadison

    None of those nanny-lies are relevant to the timeline but support the defenses position of the molestation by Casey’s father and brother. The lies actually help the defense’s position, not the prosecution.

    • bellalu0

      The relevance of the nanny lie is that she was not trying to help find her child, but leading the cops on a wild goose chase. She was whining on one of the jail tapes that everybody was only worried about finding Caylee. That was about the most revealing thing she has said.

      • michellefrommadison

        Caylee was never missing and there was no need to tell the cops anything because George took care of everything with his help from Kronk. Prosecution is failing miserably.

  2. bellalu0

    Good grief. Ridiculous story. Absolutely ridiculous. She doesn’t tell the cops it was an accident when it happened, just claim you work at a job you haven’t worked at in two years, just run the police all over the countryside, allow hords of people to gather in your front yard, don’t tell a soul it was an accident. Just let them spend all kinds of time and money trying to find the child. And then Casey sits in jail for a couple of years without a peep it was an accident? I don’t think so. This story would not even sell as fiction. I think they did themselves harm to come up with this story that makes no sense. She should have just said somebody took the child and she didn’t know who it was.

    The few people who will believe such a tall tale from the mouth of a serial liar can be counted on one hand. There is such a thing as credibility. And there’s no one to tell the story except Casey herself. It’s up to the jury to believe whom they will and judge the credibility of the witnesses.

    I was not one who jumped to the conclusion she killed the child. I was waiting for the evidence in court, but to ask me to believe such an unbelivable story as this from a proven liar, there’s just no way.

  3. michellefrommadison

    She doesn’t tell the cops because that is what George said to do. Guess you missed the opening from the defense.

  4. bellalu0

    I heard it. She can’t be believed. Sorry to tell you, nobody believes this. And besides that, opening statement is not evidence. They will have to put her on the stand to get anything into evidence. And that would be the biggest mistake of the century.

  5. michellefrommadison

    Casey on the stand would result in an acquittal of the first degree murder charge. Once a defendant testifies to a crime made against her by her father and brother it is then evidence and a verdict would have to support that otherwise it will be won on Appeal. Casey will eat the prosecution alive.

    • bellalu0

      What? Result in an acquittal? What law book is that in. The jury does not have to believe her or anybody else.
      Why don’t we just charge George with a crime, cloak him in the presumption of innocense, and let’s see if there’s any proof beyond a resonable doubt against him.
      I don’t believe Casey is going to be eating anything except crow.

      • michellefrommadison

        I think Casey will be eating a big slice of freedom soon, at least if one considers the facts of the case and how the prosecution is presenting the case.

  6. bellalu0

    Well, we shall see.

    • michellefrommadison

      Everyone lies, Casey just lies because she was molested and thats apparently one of the way she copes with it.

      • bellalu0

        No, everyone does not lie. You deceive yourself.

      • keyboard jockey

        No professional expert on stand under oath has stated this to be true or the case. Anyone can claim sexual abuse that doesn’t mean it happened. The Defense would have to come up with Proof, someone to co-berate her claims that “SAW” her father or brother sexually abusing her. It’s not enough to accuse someone of sexual abuse it has to be proved. in a court of law.

    • keyboard jockey

      Put me down for Casey Anthony is a sociopath, and the prosecutor will prove this in court.

  7. michellefrommadison

    No, everyone has lied about something, at least that is what the Experts have stated.

  8. bellalu0

    I think George should be given the benefit of the doubt. All we have is an accusation or suggestion by an attorney in opening statements which is not in any way sworn testimony. They are going to have to prove anything against him. Casey is not the only citizen who is innocent until proven guilty, so is George.

  9. michellefrommadison

    The jailhouse tapes actually prove Casey’s defense, guess you missed the opening statements. Why the prosecution keeps helping the defense with these tapes makes no sense. Why the prosecution refuses to seek Justice for Caylee is abominable.

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