Here it is

Amazing — dueling press conferences between Trump and Obama.

Monica Crowley describes the scene.  Obama -0-, Carnival Barker -1- :

Posted:  04.27.11 @ 10:01 a.m.

It ain’t over yet:  🙂  Just accept it …..

Updated:  04.27.11 @ 4:29 p.m.  Updated:  04.29.11 @ 9:08 a.m.


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42 responses to “Here it is

  1. wdednh

    Are we that stupid? or its only me? i pulled out mine and in no way B.C, look 3D as this one does. Look at the left side of the document….fake i tell you, fake…

  2. Bella,

    It’s good it’s released but the first thing I noticed the race of father was listed as African – that’s not a race, Africa is a continent in 1961 if the mother is listed as Caucasian, the father would have been listed as Negro. It looks like someone looked at the original, and plugged in the politically correct terms for 2011. We are supposed to believe that the Hawaiian register was using the politically correct term “African” for race in 1961?

  3. Bella

    Google Maps shows the neighborhood.,+HI&layer=c&sll=21.285701,-157.723691&cbp=13,173.68,,0,6.58&cbll=21.285791,-157.723621&hl=en&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=6085+Kalanianaole+Hwy,+Honolulu,+Hawaii+96821&ll=21.285766,-157.723739&spn=0.004689,0.009645&t=h&z=17&panoid=k3hjZ2LeZL9BLsUYBlwyLA

  4. bellalu0

    KJ and wd:

    The Donald owned it. He now says experts will be looking at it. And all his grades and records need to be released next. 🙂

  5. bellalu0

    One thing I absolutely love about this is it makes the MSM look really bad. They should have forced this out of him long ago but instead they attacked anybody who dared to ask about it.
    It was probably that poll that said only 38 percent of Americans were sure the alleged president was born in USA.

  6. Bella,

    I am not a birther but I got problems with this long form birth certificate. If Barack H Obama Sr., was having his race listed as African than consistently Stanley Ann Dunham should have her race designated American. It states right on the birth certificate father born Kenya. It would make more sense to identify him as a Kenyan in the race identification or British because Kenya was a British colony. Why would African be in the race box in 1961 in Hawaii? I have two copies of records, I have ordered from Hawaii my husband’s grandparents both their races are listed as Korean…not Asian not Oriental not Pacific Islander….So why wasn’t at least Barack H Obama Sr’s race listed as Kenyan?

    Someone said if the nurse asked Stanley Ann Dunham for the father’s race she would have said “African” but she already gave his national origin as Kenya, why would they put a continent down for race, when they already had his specific natioanl origins WTF?

    It really looks like someone in Hawaii white washed this document. I don’t believe the government used the designation of African for race back in 1961. They didn’t need to either, they had the father’s country of origin if regular designation of negro for race most common was too sensitive to include on the document?

    That said, I think this whole melodrama has been created by Hawaiian bureaucrats in the Health and Human Resources Department. It appears they can’t just copy his archival birth certificate off of micro film or out of the bound book. They will only release computer generated forms. They plug the information into. I don’t think this is a “duplicate” of the original that would have been a black and white record back in 1961. This is a Hawaiian computer generated form just like the proof of live birth on Green Back Ground. I am thinking of scanning my copy of a marriage certificate from Hawaii I ordered in the last ten years so people can see the likeness of the paper used etc..

  7. bellalu0

    I think it looks real, certainly compared to what he released previously. Except I still don’t see a raised seal, and as mentioned above what is wrong with the left side where it looks like the paper is cut? I’ve never seen that before. Third, what’s the numbers on the right side 2, 9, 9, 1 that look like they are written in pencil?

  8. bellalu0

    Oh, now that I have looked at it closely blown up, what about the white spaces that can be seen behind the words?
    I guess the Fact Check was bogus, too, because the document they claim they saw was just like the old one, not this one. Darn!

  9. Bella,

    It looks like they took the bound book, and made a copy from the original but were they printed on the Green Paper back in 1961? I can’t tell from a copy Wikipedia put up for same time period and same place, because it’s a black and white photo. It would be great to get a look at one in color for the same time period.

  10. Bella,

    Just from a genealogical standpoint it’s a good exercise for me to go through this document. So I appreciate that this document has been released to the public so we can examine it.

    I got my copy of the marriage record for my husband grandparents 22 July 1999 Alvin T Onaka, Ph. D. was the State Registrar.

    Here is what is typed above his name on the back.

    I certify this is a true copy or “Abstract” of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health.

    So I wonder is this what is printed on the back of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate? Because “Abstract” would clear up the use of African for race for me for Obama’s father. That would just mean some anal retentative – politically correct bureaucrat couldn’t help themselves when they transcribed the original 🙂

    • bellalu0

      Laree, it does say abstract above his signature. He signed it April 25, 2011 so I guess he is still the registrar.

      • Bella

        That explains the “African” Barack H Obama II is the First President of United States from Hawaii, they are not going to enumerate his father’s race as Negro…they could have at least inserted Kenyan. Chalk it up to sloppy politically correct bureaucrats 🙂 So they just ordered a copy of the long form birth certificate if the date stamp is 25 April 2011.

        Some people say this was because of the states that are passing laws to confirm birth eligibility for U.S. elections for President. I don’t know why they waited to release it until the lack of the form, created an electability obstacle. This is kind of like having a joke on people, and it came back and bit him on the butt ; )

  11. bellalu0

    Laree, here’s one with a green background. I don’t see the white behind the words on this one.

    • Bella

      I see what you mean about the white behind the type on the green background, on Obama’s long form birth certificate, but if they were going to photo shop a birth certificate for him it would have been higher quality photo shopping, they would know everyone would be inspecting it closely. I have been reading comments about the quality of this document, but there is the registrar’s stamp, he could be questioned easily, and he stamped it. There is “Abstract” that covers a multitude of inconsistencies. Kind of don’t blame me if it’s not exact clause it’s close enough to original.

      The original record is always the best record. out of the three vital records that are given different degrees of weight. Birth records carry the most weight everyone is present at the event, even though there are typos sometimes where names are concerned. Marriage records also suffer from typos but the two significant participants are present. My father was an orphan, he gave the wrong info for his mother and father’s name on my parent’s marriage record. The least weight is the death record. My 3rd Great Grandfather Henry H Day’s death information was given by a neighbor, one that didn’t know a whole lot of his history, like who his parent’s were or where they were born etc…

  12. bellalu0

    It seems appropriate to post this again – why the controversy won’t die. Very funny.

  13. bellalu0

    Oh. my. goodness. I think it’s only just begun.
    Here’s an intriguing answer to the white background behind the words…..

    • Bella

      According to the PDF the white house put up for the correspondence between Hawaii Health Dept and White House, to get the long form copy. Ms Fuddy refers to it as a computer generated copy of live birth. I didn’t think it was the original.

      • bellalu0

        I can tell you that the way you certify a copy is to take a photo copy of the ORIGINAL document, not a computer generated copy, and then whoever made the copy signs it and swears to say that’s what they did.
        But this has been through so many paces….it has been lost, burned, destroyed, and everything else. Now suddenly we have it. I don’t know.
        I’m just a sleuth at heart…..not my fault. 🙂

  14. bellalu0

    Ree, the way I read that letter she is saying that she is making an exception to the computer generated copy and is providing copies taken from the original…..

    • Bella

      Nope you are right, she stated she was making 2 copies of original not computer generated.

      What will the explanation be? When they turned it into a PDF image that’s the process?

    • Bella

      The explanation is this is what happens when you scan in PDF software it creates these layers. Why didn’t they just create a JPG image?

  15. Bella

    I thought she was stating she was sending 2 computer generated copies just the long birth form this time. That video isn’t about generating a computer copy.

    That video just makes everything curiouser and curiouser. If it’s true the Registrar never stamped this copy computer generated or not. It was added in as a layer. So Ms Fuddy is willing to stick her neck out for this copy in her correspondence okay.

  16. Yep Good ole Fuddy Duddy 🙂 It seems like it’s all about Hawaiian bureaucracy- if you were a Hawaiian no way you surrender the Presidency of the United States right? I wish they would stop trying to convince me he was born in Hawaii, because it keeps raising doubts, I didn’t have before. LOL! I doth think he complainth too much. If Trump really had investigators, the correspondence spoke of how old Fuddy Duddy was willing to break protocol this one time because Obama is President of the United States. There is a message being sent with the posting of the correspondence. Meaning there wasn’t any way for Trump to check on Obama’s “original” birth certificate in the first place, because she wouldn’t have given him access? Cause ole Fuddy Duddy is making it clear she’s the gate keeper to the Hawaiian birth vaults, and nobody can get past her? That’s the way I took her statement in her correspondence to the President.

  17. Bella

    This was posted on Hot Air it’s a copy of a Hawaiian Birth Certificate same time period 5 Aug 1961 same hospital etc… looks similar to me except the bottom has print not visible on Obama’s birth certificate.

  18. bellalu0

    10637 and 10641
    Three births between the two. Wait a minute, the 37 was on August 5 and the 41 on August 4th.

    • Bella

      It must have something to do with the order the hospital reported the births and Hawaii recorded them for the registrar. It seems to me that the births would be reported daily from the hospital, but when they were received they were entered by a clerk so it would have to depended on the clerk what order they were entered into the registry. Now it also seems like the earlier births would be recorded before the later births in order so His number should have been lower than her number on file. I posted a copy on my facebook wall of the birth certificate. This isn’t going to go away it’s just going to grow into a larger American legend. Might as well enjoy it 🙂

  19. Was Obama born on the weekend or during a regular work week? What day did 4 August 1961 fall on?

    • bellalu0

      The 4th was on a Friday.

      • Bella, he was born in the evening of the 4th 7:00 at night so the next day the Nordyke twins are born like 18 hours later on a Saturday the weekend all the births are turned into the registrar together on Monday the 7th ? So Obama’s recorded the 8th with a 41, and it took 3 more days to record the Nordyke twins on the 11th, one with a 37, which comes before 41…. I am trying to make the math work, when you add in letters like (N represents second order, and O represents first order) we are into some kind of algebraic equation LOL!

  20. Bella, look at the date accepted by registrar for Obama’s birth is 8 Aug 1961 – it’s down in the left hand corner of the document, date accepted for the other birth certificate is 11 Aug 1961…..that’s not helpful LOL! It means the registrar got his birth info first and generated a number 41 on the 8th Of Aug before he generated a 37 on the 11 of Aug for the birth on the 5th.

    How Odd Is That?

  21. Ginger

    This is so phony looking, but even if it is for real, O needs to be asked this question? Why didn’t you release it in 2008?

  22. Bella

    The reason given for the records being recorded in this order is because they were alphabetized? O for Obama comes after N for Nordyke. But that doesn’t explain the registrars dates 8 Aug for Obama (41) and 11 Aug for Nordyke (37). They waited till they got all the birth notices together then alphabetized them, N comes before O ? This has been being argued about long before this long form birth certificate was released.

  23. Google Susan Elizabeth Nordyke Hawaii a whole bunch of hits come up.

  24. anon

    Some of the teabirthers will never let loose of this. They cannot stand to wrap their minds around the vision of the hot sweaty viril mandingo warrior spreading his seed all over the President’s Bedroom entwined with the beautiful First Lady in a way they can only dream of, but never realize.

    They know that same mandingo warrior can take their wife or sister or daughter at will and give her ecstacy beyond her dreams. It’s that feeling of utter impotence that drives them crazy.


    • That’s creepy – not as creepy as a semen stained blue dress kept in a closet for months creepy – but still pretty creepy. Spend a lot of time fantasizing about politicians sex lives?

  25. bellalu0

    dee dee myers, jonathan alter, savannah guthrie, and f. chuck todd now discussing the birth certificate……what a riot.
    They luv Obama so much. I wouldn’t want to know how much time they spend dreaming of his legs wrapped around them spewing……demon seed? lol
    dee dee: We haven’t seen the end of this. ha. Speaking of little blue dresses.

    Wasn’t this whole bc thing the result of democrat attacks against democrats during the primary. They sure did birth a monster.

  26. bellalu0

    Trump 1 Obama 0 And speaking of the nether regions Trump must have at the very least three testicles.
    round two?

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