George and Cindy Anthony angry at depositions (Update)

UPDATE: Here’s the beginning of each deposition taken of Cindy Anthony and George Anthony on 04.09.09.

I just watched pretty much all the videos and I think I can understand their anger to some extent but I have never seen such combative behavior by witnesses in a depo.  They were horrible.  Zaneida’s attorney said that Casey had also sued Zaneida, so they are both plaintiffs and both defendants which complicates things.

See all the videos of Cindy Anthony’s deposition Here and George Anthony Here.

This (below) is a raw video of interview with Zenaida’s attorneys after the depositions.

These were some very contentious depositions today of George and Cindy Anthony.

Both of them are very combative.  George accused Zenaida’s attorney of shooting him a bird.  The lawyer said he was just pushing his glasses up but he would use his pinky if it bothered him.  Cindy supposedly called him a b*stard after the depositions.  They do not like him to say the least.  Pretty funny.  You have to watch the video to see the intensity of it.  This sheds quite a bit of light on the grandparents.  Orlando Sentinel.

Posted:  04.09.09


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71 responses to “George and Cindy Anthony angry at depositions (Update)

  1. michellefrommadison

    They actually did just fine at the hearing, if you understand the actual facts of this entire case. Well done Cindy and George! 🙂

    • Linda

      Michelle…did you watch the same videos the rest of us watched? I do believe that it is you who doesn’t understand the facts of this case.

      It must be awful to be the Anthonys, to know that they raised a sociopathic daughter and never had a clue how sick Casy is!!

      Altho they behaved badly today, one has to have some sympathy for their plight!

  2. michellefrommadison

    Sorry Linda, but you made no mention as to what videos you meant. Are you asking if I ever saw a video, any video, or a specific video(s), your post doesn’t ,make any sense to educated people. If one reads your post in full, it appears quite clear that you do not possess the aptitude to communicate effectively enough to be understood by any well-educated person. While your intellectual status (or lack thereof) might be a comfort-zone for you in your personal life dealing with issues with your own kind, your comment does not serve any purpose to educated people, except to show the lack of intellect out there in cyber-space and a definite need to institute some mandates to have mandatory aptitude and intelligence tests to allow different levels of educated or the lack of such to access certain types of websites. Casey has not been diagnosed as a sociopath as you claim. Further proof of the lack of education on your part Linda. 🙂

    • bellalu0

      I know your type, Michelle. Linda has a right to express her opinion. Your entire post is meant to put her down because she disagrees with you. I see this type of ill manners throughout the internet but this is my site and I will delete you in a minute.

      I agree with Linda. They were both very rude and belligerent. Lots of people are deposed and have respect for the legal process enough not to act that way. It sort of explains a lot about that family dynamic.

  3. Gail

    I agree with Michelle. I’ve lived in Orlando for decades. The lawyer representing this Zenieda is nothing more than a publicity-grabbing, ambulance-chasing lawyer whose license should’ve been snatched from him ages ago. I’m glad Cindy and George did NOT bend to his idiocy!

    • michellefrommadison

      Thank you Gail, it’s not the easy path to be on the side of the correct. 🙂

    • bellalu0

      I seem to sympathize with Zenaida because they have, in effect, accused her of kidnapping and murder. They have also tried to shift blame to Jesse Grund, all to try to get the blame off Tracey. So I think Zenaida has a case. It is interesting to get an opinion of the lawyer(s) from a local perspective though.

      • michellefrommadison

        As suggested by Clint NanZant of MSNBC, I agree with him that Casey should just plead to a no-contest plea, which is considered the same as guilty in a civil suit, then lose the suit and have Zanny prevail. There is no money for which to obtain. Casey is broke, and in the future if she wins her case and cashes in on the millions offered to her, it can be managed in a way Zanny could never get a penny. Simple as that.

      • michellefrommadison

        Won’t it just be hilarious if Casey walks on the first-degree charge? 🙂

  4. Suzie Jane

    MFM – breathe in, breathe out. Slowly, purposefully. It’ll be alright hun.

    Linda, yes. OMG yes. The A’s misbehaved very badly today. How combative, how embarrassing for them.

    I just pray they are spared much more torture that they have already endured thanks to their murderin’ daughter……

  5. Trinity

    Like mother like daughter.Cindy Anthony should tell the truth and quit lying for the sake of her grandaughter. I pitty George Anthony.

    • michellefrommadison

      Wow, another alleged diagnosis of a person you never met. No wonder you didn’t finish enough schooling.

  6. 16pinacolada

    I have’nt seen Cindy’s depo.Saw only George’s and the lawyers were great turning an angry,combative and uncooperative George into a lame, cooperative and non-combative deposee.(Don’t know if this word exists).These guys had all the patient in the world.
    Ha and I thought it was funny that the lawyer deposing him fixed his eyeglasses and George thought he was giving him the finger.Ha,ha,ha.

  7. Mona

    Oh Michelle/Cindy YOU know you and George/Gail acted like asses today and did nothing but give the prosecution the evidence to prosecute the two of you. Go pick on someone else your act is getting old

  8. Linda


    Hmmm. I hit a sore spot eh?

    First of all…you are like a lot of people in this world of today and I respect your ability to say nothing at all and take a 1,000 words to do it. I worked with lots of folks like you and it is a talent , I admit! I will try to be respectful from here on in in my response.

    Secondly, I would have thought you would have already seen the raw video of the depositions by George today. He my humble opinion, badly. He contradicted his statements to police, he was rude to the Attorney and one could see this is agonizing for him. However, Casey caused his pain, NOT the Atty. Morgan.

    I would hope that at some point he and Cindy will do the best thing for their daughter and save her from the death penalty, by getting her to tell the truth.

    Or do you by any chance think the evidence to date points to her innocence???
    Linda from California

  9. Mona

    The anthony’s showed people eXactly what they are like today…..NO GOOD LYING BLOOD MONEY LEECHING SUBHUMANS.

  10. bellalu0

    “”I apoligize, Linda was wrong.””

    michellefrommadison said this on April 9, 2009 at 11:15 pm


    I believe that’s spelled apologize, Miss Education.

  11. michellefrommadison

    Thank you so very much bellalu0. 🙂

  12. Linda

    LMAO…thanks for pointing out the spelling of apologies to Miss Educated Michelle from Madison…

    I guess she is wrong yet again…I am from California, so you are incorrect in assuming I am not. Maybe you should go back to IP Address school??

    Michelle, this will be my last response to your diatribe..and yes Michelle it is a real Websters word. You have proven once again that some people have no manners, no common sense and wouldn’t know reality if it hit them in the face.

    Although it is fun to argue with your type, it is also a waste of precious time and energy. You may continue as you like, but I will no longer waste MY time on you!

    Linda who really is in California

    • michellefrommadison

      Thanks Linda for proving me to be correct yet again. So far, I have a 100% accuracy rate, compared to only a 0.09376% accuracy rate on your behalf. And, you are welcome. No charge either. But really now Linda, you continue to make a fool of yourself each time, are you content with that? 🙂

  13. michellefrommadison

    Did the Anthony’s put in bid in yet on the Caylee body-find land?

  14. Sophie

    So, I see that some person on this posting is lambasting others for blaming others for making assumptions of people they don’t know and then doing the same thing herself, undermining her own argument.

    I thought she was supposed to be educated. Hmmmm.

    I won’t mention this person’s name anymore, and I suggest the other posters refuse to respond to her opinions if they are not appreciated.

    It’s already out there that the Anthony’s are pulling this game of having persons hit the blogs to fight for their side.

    That’s fair, it’s a free country. I for one just am not going to continue to acknowledge people fitting this description.

    People like that are worth nothing more than ignoring, which of course drives them nuts.

    • michellefrommadison

      Thanks Sophie for proving me correct about uninformed and uneducated people. You are welcome. Isn’t it better to be on the side of correctness like I am? If you want to deny and remain ignorant of the actual facts of this case, you can, it’s a free country as you claim and use as an example of remaing less informed. 🙂

  15. Lynn

    geez, did i run across a kindergarten class here? you people are ridiculous.

  16. michellefrommadison

    I see yet another officer has been fired today who was involved in the Anthony case. Getting close to a dozen police or correctional officer reassigned, suspended, or fired after documented damaging conduct for the state’s case against Casey. At least the officer fired today didn’t sleep with Casey like so many of the other officers have done. Looks like the prosecution better starting trying to determine what the date might be for Casey’s release because their case crumbles nearly every single day. 😦

  17. prevost1580

    I highly suggest MFM be banned from all blogs, except for her own, kill NG, hating, piece of crap blog, where she talks to herself.

    I prefer talking to ppl who can make valid points not trolls like MFM who are desperate for attention.

    The A’s behavior is appalling, rude & obnoxious. They should apologize to ZG for being blamed,interogated & arrested for something she had nothing to do with. Talk about white trash! the A’s fit the bill. Shame on the useless media for defending such, trash! The A’s & their behavior are an example what is wrong with America. Too many self entitled,rude & obnoxious types out there.

    • michellefrommadison

      The A’s both did a commendable job at the depos, considering the circumstances. But, one would have to have an adequate understanding of both Law and Psychology to fully understand why better-educated people believe they did just fine, thank you, and they did quite a commendable job too. My hat is off to them both. 🙂

  18. bellalu0

    Just watched all these videos. They (the Anthonys) were horrible. Just horrible. They did themselves no favors and whatever support they had will probably evaporate upon watching their actions. Never, never saw such combative witnesses.

    • michellefrommadison

      No reason to take the fifth, as you so wrongly assert. They haven’t done naything wrong pertinent-enough to be prosecuted…… if you look at the facts of the case. 🙂

  19. bellalu0

    You are correct. I just thought about that and reworded my statement. Which is further reason why they are going to be compelled to answer these questions whether they want to or not.

  20. 16pinacolada

    All the Anthonys should be locked up for obstruction of justice.WOW.Casey lives in la-la land and her mother is trying to validate all her lies. Lost her objectivity, how long ago?
    Cindy is out of touch with reality.Like mother,like daughter.
    When the lawyers try to make Cindy come in contact with reality she becomes very defensive ,obnoxious and uncomfortable. Interesting depo to watch.

  21. bellalu0

    You really do have to watch it. I’ve never seen anything like this. They would be a good case study in psychology. Just from my point of view, Cindy especially has lived a lie for so long, not ever having been really confronted with the lies, that she looks like a cornered animal. I just wonder what is the underlying lie that not one of them want to face. It started way before this child went missing. Kaylee never had a chance.

    House of Lies. There’s a movie in there somewhere.

  22. michellefrommadison

    According to many experts, the change in the death penalty is not because the evidence has changed, but is a means of attempting to get a plea from Casey. The experts are still not wavering in their conclusion that a conviction of first degree murder against Casey Anthony is still highly unlikely. After reviewing the evidence in this case released to the public, I agree, based upon the evidence, extremely unlikely.

  23. Michelle; How many degrees do you have? It must be a lot!!! /sarc

  24. imagramma2

    How does anything George and Cindy Anthony have done, bring about justice for Caylee, especially if someone other than Casey or themselves are supposed to be involved? I have watched this case from day one, and it took until only the 2nd 9-1-1 telephone call being replayed to realize Cindy appeared to be involved. People in their circle were probably starting to ask where Caylee was, and the “she’s at the beach with the nanny” stories were not holding up any longer. Somebody had to come up with a plan. It would appear when they decided who would call police, Cindy got the short straw. Were we really expected to believe that she would be this controlling, and allow Caylee to be missing for 1 day, let alone 31? George and Cindy Anthony’s depositions were intentional on their part, just as everything they have contrived in regards to this case. I imagine Cindy did not plan to be caught red handed making conflicting statements, or be threatened with a contempt of court charge during the deposition, however. And look at the difference in the demeanor of Casey and Lee when they talk to law enforcement and in Lee’s case, the lawyers. How are they able to be so calm? Has it been verified by anyone, other than Jose Baez saying it on television, that the prosecutors are trying to force Casey into a plea deal, while also stating that she is aware of the “forces” that are out to get her? What forces? The police forces?! Do they even offer plea deals when the death penalty is sought in Florida? And what about the victim? Sweet little innocent 2 year old Caylee who appears to have been taken out of her bed in the dark of night, and diabolically murdered. No justice for Caylee.

  25. Linda

    I agree that Caylee never had a chance, but I don’t think Cindy knew what had happened and was not a part of the”Nanny” story. I think the 911 calls were the real truth and George/Cindy told the truth initially. It wasn’t until they heard the story from from the police that they knew Casey was involved..deeply involved..and they realized what they said initially was very Damning for their daughter. Now, Cindy who has to be in control at all costs, started in on George about what they had said and she intimidated him into starting to reverse the damage and telling mistruths. She rules that household and if George/Lee want any peace in the future they had better cooperate. After all, if Cindy has to admit Casey murdered Caylee…SHE HAS TO ADMIT SHE FAILED SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE AS A MOTHER.

    Is there anything odd about their name: Cindy Marie, Casey Marie, Caylee Marie ????

    • michellefrommadison

      There is zero direct evidence that Casey ever failed as a mother to Caylee, unless of course you invent facts and false allegations and circumstances.

  26. Linda

    Did anyone catch the calm, composed, poised, relaxed Anthony’s on CBS this morning? What a pair..Boss Cindy and PUPPET George!

    • michellefrommadison

      I see that seeing the facts is disturbing to you Linda, get ready for a shocker soon when Casey is not convicted of first degree murder of Caylee. Might have to take some extra dosages for yourself to help you through the facts that are coming that you are obviously not prepared to handle yet.

    • bellalu0

      Those depos presented them in such a bad light, I guess they felt they needed to try to rehabilitate themselves. Do you really think they are in such deep denial? Or are they just consciously trying to cover for Casey? And maybe themselves?

      • Linda

        I keep asking myself the same question…do they REALLY believe Casey is innocent? I mean how could any sane, sensible, reasonably intelligent person look at the facts and draw any other conclusion. However, she is innocent until proven guilty but the evidence against her, altho circumstantial as Michelle keeps pointing out, is overwhelming.

        I think Cindy/George are in the self-preservation mode. If I keep telling myself she didn’t do it, then I don’t have to take some responsibility for not seeing some signs of Casey’s distress. Casey’s remark to George on the night she was brought home is very telling. “Quit acting like a cop for once and act like a Father”.

        I cannot begin to understand the parents selfishness. Remember when Cindy told her brother that Casey wasn’t pregnant, just gaining weight? Now one must know that when the baby is born, that can’t be hidden, so why try to cover it up? So Cindy doesn’t have to be embarassed for a couple of more months. If they really loved Casey, they would have told the truth and supported her in a positive manner. Instead they tried to lie to everyone..why? I say to save face, at least temporarily.

  27. Linda

    p.s. Michelle…I didn’t say that Casey failed as a mother…I said Cindy. However…letting your baby girl die is a pretty BIG failure I would say!!

  28. Linda

    I am not disturbed by anything much the Anthony’s do. I personally think they are pathetic, but it does annoy me that they think they can continue lying about facts that are already on video, in print, recorded, etc. I have decided they aren’t worth watching ..I am tired of their behavior.

    Michelle, don’t bother responding to this. I already know what you will say and it is getting a bit tired and totally meaningless. So go have a good life and talk to me a year from now after Casey is found guilty.

  29. Linda

    lmao…Drug rehab eh? I could use a vacation from silly people tho!

  30. bellalu0

    Michelle, let’s look at what we know without a doubt. Caylee is dead, that’s a fact. She was discarded in plastic bags in the bushes, that’s a fact. She didn’t get there by herself, that’s a fact. She was last seen in the presence of her mother, that’s a fact. Somebody killed her, that’s a fact. So who do you say did it?

  31. bellalu0

    Linda, I believe I heard a tape where Cindy says that Casey told her she was not pregnant and I guess she believed her. Now obviously Casey lied about that, there’s no denying that, so there’s at least one case where Cindy knows for a fact that she lied to her and about a pretty big thing, something that makes no sense to lie about since the proof will be coming soon. I am sure there are many more lies, a house of lies, but you can only get so far and they will catch up to you, as they did in the depos. They were sweating because that is probably the first time ever they have been confronted with someone actually questioning them.

  32. E

    I have been following this case since the beginning. I have to agree that the civil suit of Zenaida Gonzalez is frivolous. I dont think this woman lost her job because of her name and i dont think that she lost her home due to her name. I think that Ms. Gonzalez attny is trying to get their face on the T.V.

    with that being said,
    although i used to have so much sympathy for george and cindy, i am becoming increasingly sick of the both of them because they know that caylee died at the hands of their daughter. they have spoken so much since last July that it is obvious that they are lying under oath? They know casey was involved or they would still be trying to hunt down the killer. They state that they will back casey until the bitter end. Thats great. Parents should be there for their children. This does not mean they help them get away from murder. Who is the voice for Caylee? The state. Thats it. George and Cindy would rather lie to try and keep their daughter from prison or the chair rather than finding out what happened to Caylee. The recent depositions show cindy’s true colors. it also shows us that casey is like. I just wonder how much love can you really have for your child if you do not encourage them to stand up and be held accountable for their actions. blah blah blah. i could go on for hours but i wont. thanks for letting me get this off my chest. also, i think baez is purposefully doing this to get casey an appeal when she gets convicted for murder. any thoughts?

  33. michellefrommadison

    Re: the name Michelle from Madison. No, I do not own the site NGMD, but I am a frequent visitor and poster, and wish I had more time to help expand the total topic of better managing criminals on the airways. Yes, there are a lot of Michelle’s from Madison if you search any search-engine using the three names all put together. The name using the three words combined can obtain some results, but not even close to anything accurate pertaining to myself, unfortunately. To obtain accurate results, all you need to do is use the NCIC-sites, which have direct-links to many of the Universities and Colleges around the country, as well as to some of the Law and Psychology sites that I am often asked to provide critical-reviews on. Books, films, CD’s, videos, and DVD’s I have been a part of are also available through any NCIC-site, or any of it’s affiliates. Donations for several child-advocacy groups and crime-victims funds are always welcomed, but only linked to, and not a direct part of any of the NCIC or affiliate sites, and all are tax deductible. All are verifiable and accessible through any NCIC-site or any of it’s affiliates. Many of the Goggled or other search-engined sites for the three names spliced together (Michelle from Madison) are really quite funny, and some sites are just revolting regarding issues like transvestites and things like that. While I don’t live there now, I do go there several times a year for my job and to visit some friends, maybe that’s just my excuse to fire up my plane and to keep it active. I do love to pilot planes, it’s truly exhilarating. But, if you read the articles on the secured University and Law sites, you can read more specifically as to the type of work I love. But, based upon the facts of the Anthony case, experts continue to say that a conviction of first-degree murder against Casey Anthony is extremely unlikely and highly improbable. I agree with the experts, regardless of the belief of the uneducated commenting here about this case. (With all due respects to them). Actually, if one only deals with the facts of this case, the state of Florida has zero direct-evidence against Casey Anthony, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other people that could have done the crime other than Casey……………… if one only deals with the facts.

    • Linda

      “I agree with the experts, regardless of the belief of the uneducated commenting here about this case. (With all due respects to them).”

      Michelle the above statement leaves me wondering about what “EXPERTS” you listen to. They are obviously unaware of the conviction rate the states have achieved using only CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence.

      Are you the owner of Nancy Grace Must Die..or just a member?

  34. Linda

    Well, the Anthonys have proved once again that they can’t see the big picture. They have the nerve to waste the courts time and money asking that the autopsy results be held back because of the anguish and right to privacy issues the report will cause…AFTER APPEARING ON EVERY TV PROGRAM THAT WILL HAVE THEM. They are becoming more unpopular with each day and will for sure taint the jury pool far more than any autopsy report would. They need to shut up and let the media circus die. Maybe then Casey will get a fair trial.

    • michellefrommadison

      Perhaps the Anthony’s would have a better time trying to achieve their mission by attending seminars at Universities and colleges where they can be Speakers, as their audience would be students and faculty that may be required to attend and pay attention to their every word. That way, they could better address people that understand their dilemmas, concerns, and mission and will not be criticized as much by people that just have no mission other than to complain about anything and everything they have a right to do.

  35. michellefrommadison


  36. Linda

    That is an interesting idea. Maybe you can relay it to the Anthony’s. They certainly need someones help before they condemn their daughter to death with their actions.

    Did you see Baez’s T.V. interview after the court ruling today?

    • michellefrommadison

      While I beleive it might be a better approach to take, I have to rely upon their own judgment to follow the directives of their defense team, since they are the ones that have to deal with the intricacies of whether or not that is a viable and productive approach.

  37. Linda

    Up to this point, he has behaved professionally if not wisely. Today he lost it and insulted a reporter…sounded like a little kid in a school yard fight. LMAO

    • michellefrommadison

      Like I said, I missed that interview, unfortunately. But, I have a take on things that others outside the realm of this case and not directly involved in this case see things much differently from those who are first-hand caught up in this case, so their actions, or inactions, are often described from two opposite extremes.

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