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Harry Reid, Cattle Rustler and Land Grabber?

Coincidence?  Neil Kornze, former Harry Reid Advisor, was confirmed Tuesday – yes, just last Tuesday – to head up the Bureau of Land Management.  He was nominated by the president in November of 2013, but it seems the confirmation became urgent and quick in the midst of the Standoff at the Bundy Ranch.

Well, I don’t know, but the fog is beginning to clear.  It involves Harry Reid, his son, Rory Reid, and the Chinese.  Chinese?  Yes, the Chinese.  I do not not have a clue why the Communist Chinese want to build a $5 billion solar facility in the U. S., and even more so why we would allow such a thing, but isn’t it amazing that it involves the very same land mass Cliven Bundy has been grazing his cattle on for a long, long time.   Whatever….you can bet a large amount of that $5 billion will end up in Harry Reid’s pocket.  Whatcha’ want to bet?

Posted:  04.13.14 A. D. @ 3:58 a.m.

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United States vs Cliven Bundy, Save the Desert Turtle, Kill the Bald Eagle?

The way I understand it, there is an order that permits the Bureau of Land Management to remove Mr. Bundy’s cattle from some land to protect the desert turtle.  We already know that, according to the president and the attorney general, they can choose to enforce whatever law they want to and not enforce others.

That leaves me to question:  What is it about what is playing out in Nevada that makes this particular case worthy of prosecution, no matter what?  Something does not meet the eye here and maybe it will be revealed soon enough.

Here’s an example of “selective enforcement” pertaining to protected animals.  It’s okay for windmills to kill bald eagles, according to obama, but for some reason it is so very important to “save” the desert turtle.

Under pressure from the wind-power industry, the Obama administration said Friday it will allow companies to kill or injure eagles without the fear of prosecution for up to three decades.

Read more:

Interesting, isn’t it?

See next post for more details on the confrontation.

Posted:  04.12.14



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Hey, Conservatives: Cliven Bundy Is Not A Deadbeat Or A Whackjob

Originally posted on The Camp Of The Saints:

Dana Loesch cuts through all the Leftist propaganda and conservative ignorance.

By now you’re familiar with the standoff between the federal government, i.e. the Bureau of Land Management, and 67 year-old rancher Cliven Bundy. (If not, check the backstory and my radio interview with him here.) The BLM asserts their power through the expressed desire to protect the endangered desert tortoise, a tortoise so “endangered” that their population can no longer be contained by the refuge constructed for them so the government is closing it and euthanizing over a thousand tortoises. The tortoises, the excuse that BLM has given for violating claims to easements and running all but one lone rancher out of southern Nevada, is doing fine. In fact, the tortoise has lived in harmony with cattle in the Gold Butte, Clark County Nevada for over a hundred years, or as long as Cliven Bundy’s family has…

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What Maxine Waters has to say about the massive database where “everything is known about everybody”

“The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life,” Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday. “That’s going to be very, very powerful,” Waters said. “That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President in the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.”

Maxine Waters is the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district, and previously the 35th and 29th districts, serving since 1991. She is a member of the Democratic Party.
[There is a video in the link below, if it has not already been removed.  At first I thought it was from CNN but it is an interview with Roland Martin on Roland]

All this is beginning make a lot of sense.  Maxine Waters tells CNN in March that the president has a datebase that will have everything on everybody.  They are building a huge database facility in Utah as well.  They, of course, already have all the financial info they want through the IRS and they will have all our health information through Obamacare.

It’s high time our representatives in Washington, D. C. take this stuff seriously.  If it’s not already too late.

Posted:  06.06.13 A. D. @ 4:30 p.m.

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The president who knows nothing

A 157 times at least!!  The head of the IRS was in the White House 157 times, but God knows he didn’t ever say anything about investigating and harassing anybody on behalf of the alleged-president.  Not on your life.  He told the congress he was there for the egg roll.  There’s a whole bunch of rotten eggs around about that white house.

And the alleged president didn’t know one thing about him practically living there with him.  Never saw him.  Never spoke to him.  He was gone a lot on his vacations and his golf games and stuff like that, but even if he did run into him occasionally he wouldn’t think a thing about it.  He would just know there wasn’t anything illegal or unethical going on.  The only thing he knows is what he reads in the newspaper.

But the president’s friends and associates and the lap dog mainstream media are not surprised at all he didn’t know one thing about what was going on in his administration right under his nose.  Of course he didn’t and couldn’t.  The federal government is so Big!  They know he’s all “clean and articulate” but don’t think he is near intelligent enough to be responsible for anything that happens.  They want to build him a stone head on Mt. Rushmore even.  I think that’s an excellent idea.  I guess they think he has rocks for brains.  As someone said, he either is responsible for what is going on in his administration or he’s not smart enough and capable of knowing.  They must think he’s not as smart as other people.  They must.  Because anybody else would be hung out to dry by now.  They treat him like he’s  just a step and fetch,someone who’s kind of mentally disadvantaged that you always jump in and try to defend because you feel sorry for them.

Also, I hear the sign-in logs at the white house probably aren’t accurate.  Of course not.  Why would anybody think an incompetent could see that the white house logs are done accurately.

In addition to Mt. Rushmore, Let’s just carve him into another statue.  We could make a bunch of them, line the path from the white house to the Washington Monument with statues of the one we are are so proud of.  And save a spot or two for Eric Holder who someone has compared to Moses himself.  Imagine that, he could be holding the tablets and all.  He must have been up on the mountain while all this was going on.

It’s just not fair the way people put so much pressure on a man who could not possibly know everything about a government so darn big and then be expected to remember it all to boot

And besides that, he is busy!  I mean busy taking care of things that are not his business and making trips and vacations, going down to the Jersey Shore with his good friend, Chris.

And Chrissy actually won him a stuffed teddy bear and held his hand to make him feel all better.

So , just leave him alone and stop picking on our little president.  He is trying so hard but it does not appear that has the ability to be president of such a big country -  but goll – eee, he’s doing the best he can I reckon.

Posted:  06.01.13 A. D. @ 2:50 a.m.

P. S. I am just listening to Neal Cavuto explaining why he interrupted a reporter who was saying these scandals go all the way up to the president.  Neal jumps right in as I said and takes up for him because after all we don’t Know he knew anything and we are not going to say that until WE KNOW for absolute certain that he did.  So just don’t put too much on an ignorant man propped up in a white house pretending to run something.  He’s just not that smart.  Neal is so embarrassed that a reporter is reporting what she found out because Neal does not think the man at the very tippy top of our government is smart enough to be held responsible for anything.  After all, he may be his next target either with drone or IRS or any other segment of the endless power of the U. S. government.

I, on the other hand, think he is very smart and  knows and knew everything, planned and executed it all.

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Holding his hand or Picking his pocket?

Chris whispers in Barry’s ear:

“I’m okay alone

But you got something I need.”

A cheap trick may work once, it’s even cheaper the second time around.

Thanks for the comic relief, Jerks!

obama bear photo

Chrissy wins him a stuffed bear.  :)  I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it.  Honest to God.

You know he’s in trouble when he starts wearing his “Commander in Chief” jacket.

Posted:  05.29.13 A. D. @11:23 a.m.

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DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES? Latest – FBI agents fell to death from helicopter

Food for Thought:
EVERYTHING and ANYTHING from any source is open for speculation since there has been nothing but lies and deceit surrounding the alleged president since his birth. We don’t have the slightest idea who he is or what he is up to.  It is now clear that he has unleashed the federal government on anyone who does not support him.

(CNN) —The FBI is mourning the deaths of two special agents killed Friday during a training exercise off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The agents, Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, were assigned to the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group. The FBI said the cause of the incident is under review.

“We mourn the loss of two brave and courageous men,” FBI Director Robert S. Mueller said in a statement issued Sunday.
Read more:

Two FBI Agents In Boston Bomber Arrest Die In Fall From Helicopter Training Exercise

May 23, 2013 by

The FBI released a statement this week confirming the deaths of two FBI agents who specialized in elite counterterror operations and were involved in the arrest of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The FBI announced the two men — Special Agent Christopher Lorek and Special Agent Stephen Shaw — were killed Monday when they were participating in an offshore training exercise in which officers disembark from a hovering helicopter and land on a seaborne vessel by means of a guide rope.

The only other details the FBI provided about the two agents’ deaths are that the helicopter had undisclosed difficulties and that the men fell a “significant distance.”

A law enforcement officer said weather may have played a role in the accident, which occurred about 12 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach.



Do you believe in coincidences? Many of them? A lot of them?

  • In late 2007, as Obama began his meteoric ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, three black homosexuals, all members of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology in Chicago, died. Two of the three (Donald Young and Larry Bland) were shot, execution style.
  • On July 12, 2012, another gay young man who knew Obama, Alex Okrent, 29, died suddenly and mysteriously while working at the POS’s reelection campaign headquarters in downtown Chicago. Since college, Okrent had worked for the POS one way or another. The autopsy report on Okrent was “inconclusive.”
  • On August 6, 2011, three months after the elite Navy SEAL Team 6 had assassinated Osama bin Laden in his secret compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, 22 members of Team 6 were killed when their Chinook helicopter reportedly was shot down by Taliban rebels in Afghanistan.
  • On March 28, 2013, another member of Navy SEAL Team 6, Special Warfare Operator Chief Brett D. Shadle, 31, was killed and another SEAL injured during a parachute training accident in Marana, Arizona, the military said. Details of the accident were not immediately available.

There are more “coincidental” deaths associated with Pres. Lucifer. See Steve’s post of May 10, 2013, “Today I bring you Skippy’s version of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

Now add two more deaths to the “coincidental” list: Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw.

41-year-old Christopher Lorek, and 40-year-old Stephen ShawChristopher Lorek, 41; Stephen Shaw, 40


Scott Daugherty reports for that the FBI announced in a statement that two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism Hostage Rescue Team, Special Agents Christopher Loreak and Stephen Shaw, died on May 17, 2013, while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope.

The incident happened about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. A law enforcement official blamed bad weather for the incident and said the agents fell into the water and probably died for the impact, instead of from drowning.

Danny Coulson, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI who started the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) 30 years ago and served as its first commander, said the HRT members “have the same skill sets as SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force.” They are trained to rappel from helicopters, scuba dive and use explosives to break down doors and walls. When needed, the team can deploy within four hours to anywhere in the U.S. “Whenever things go really wrong, the FBI calls in the Hostage Rescue Team. It’s the government’s 911,” Coulson said.

Last month, the Hostage Rescue Team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Glenn McBride, a spokesman for the state medical examiner’s office, said it could be months before his staff can release a final cause and manner of death for the two elite FBI agents.

There is another mysterious Boston Marathon bombing-related death.

On April 23, 2013, Sunil Tripathi, initially identified as a Boston bombing suspect, was found dead in the Providence River. Tripathi, a former Brown University students, had been missing since mid-March.

H/t Intellihub and FOTM’s tina and joworth

Posted:  05.27.13 A. D. @ 7:57 p.m.

The man shot dead by an FBI agent in Orlando, Florida early today (May 22, 2013) was “about to sign a statement” admitting to a role, along with Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in an unsolved triple murder in Massachusetts in 2011, two people with direct knowledge of the case told ABC News.

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